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Where Did the Monster Dance Name Come From?

Where Did the Monster Dance Name Come From?

One of the top questions I hear is "How did you come up with the name "Monster Dance"?

While i have a knack for naming thing, I cant take credit for this one.  After that first herd of dinosaurs began to take off and I went to start an Etsy shop, I was paralyzed with name options.  So many ideas, yet none of them felt right.  I wanted something fun, something that could grow with all the twists and turns of my evolution as an artist.

Much of my inspiration has always come from my daughter, 'Miss Danger'.

Miss Danger learning to use photoresist to prepare glasses for etching birds

Shown here working on her first collection - shes an artist too!

Way back in 2012, she was a very active toddler.  Her favorite thing was to dance.  She had a dance for everything. Pizza Dance. Penguin Dance. One day, she ran in to show me her Monster Dance. And what a dance it was.  A little offbeat, full of joy and fun.  The beauty being unafraid to make up the moves as you go.

Baby danger makes pizzababy Danger jumping in a garden

All the things I wanted my customers to see and feel too.

The Monster Dance name serves as a touchstone, a reminder of who I create for and what I want to bring into the world. Most of all, it always brings me back to what is most important in my life.



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The Monster Dance Story

The Monster Dance Story


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