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The Monster Dance Story

The Monster Dance Story


Hello! I feel that I haven’t properly introduced myself. And I have to say that I’m quite curious about who all of you new folks are too.



I'm Amy!  Eighteen years or so ago, fresh faced and clutching my battered art portfolio, I wandered out of the hot Florida sun into a stained glass studio.  I put aside my pottery-making Tudor era archivist in London plan and learned to design for large scale glass art installations.  Along the way, I've had a taste of everything there is to do with glass. Fusing, glass blowing, lampworking, painting - you name I've done it at least once. However, it was the power and texture of etching that brought me back time and again.


In 2012, I made myself a set of glassware with my first dinosaur art and Monster Dance Designs was born. Like children and dust bunnies, my little side business has grown and grown. I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of stores and museums throughout North America and the UK.  It's humbling to think of my work occupying so many cupboards and hands, eliciting little moments of joy in people every day.

In 2021, I was joined by my assistant and right hand, Lauren. (She's the one taking all photos.) It feels like I've come full circle to be passing on the knowledge of sandcarving to another young woman in the same manner I was taught.  That's right, we still sandblast each glass by hand!

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and daughter (the OG Dancing Monster).  We swim in the local cold springs and play Dungeons and Dragons.  I'm inspired by science, art, pop culture, and the natural areas I've lived in.

I work from my home studio, which I love. Here are some glimpses of what my workspace looks like.

office clever girl raptor dinosaur plush in snake plant    

We are quickly outgrowing our space. A goal is to move into a new workshop where we can really stretch our wings.   I'm looking forward sharing my growth as an artist in an upcoming line of cocktail party goods and giftable accessories that I hope will take your entertaining to a new level.

Ok, now it’s your turn! Tell me about one of your goals in the comments.  Or join our Facebook community, Monster Dance Party People, and spam some pictures of your cat. Both are legit.


amy signature with crocodile doodle art



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