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Nine Epic Loot Pulls With Which to Gift To Your Dungeon Master

Nine Epic Loot Pulls With Which to Gift To Your Dungeon Master

Your favorite Dungeon Master puts up with a lot from you and your party.  Why not show them how much you care with a little swag haul of their own?  Or at least say sorry for ending an encounter they spent six hours planning for with a single round of counterspell.

(There's even a day for this - March 4 is GM Appreciation Day.  Just sayin'.)

Confessions Of A Part-Time Sorceress

Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress

Step aside, because it's Ladies Night at your Friendly Local Game Store!  Astrid's journey through DnD examines and upends the common stereotypes of the game with a funny, female perspective. This should be required reading for any girl (and guy) who wants to be the best kind of player, and for the inclusive DM.

Table Fables

Table Fables

Their paperwork may be a hot mess everywhere else, but their campaign notes and page flags are on point come play time. Reward their organization proficiency with this illustrated collection of all of the most useful roll tables.

Cleric Candle

Cleric +2 Candle 

I tried to make a case with one of my DM's that I should get the bonus if I brought the candle.  Mine wasn't having it, but maybe yours could be persuaded? From EpicAdventures Candles on Etsy.

Chessex Playmat

Chessex RPG Playmat

Theater of the Mind is fun to play on the fly, but we know that when it's time to battle, it's all about the minis and the maps.  Draw them out on this handy playmat and fill it with monsters to your black heart's content.

Dungeon Crate Subscription

Dungeon Crate Subscription Box

It's the gift that keeps on giving!  Two crafters and DMs in Omaha share all the unique goods they come across in this subscription box.  Handmade items, miniatures, terrain, adventures, and more every month.  I love their focus on small business contributors.

City Of Splendors T-Shirt

City of Splendors T-Shirt

I love the Faction designs, but these travel ad shirts from For Fans By Fans (Formerly WeLoveFine) are so well designed.  Available in mens AND WOMENS sizes.

Solar and Lunar Flashing Dice

Solar and Lunar Flashing D20 Dice 

Think Geek + flashy dice = Duh.

"Floating Evil Eye Monster" Cross Stitch Pattern

"Floating Evil Eye Monster" Cross Stitch Pattern

My DM's, saints they be, let me get away with bringing my needlework to the game table. (Makers gotta make).   Maybe I'll whip a couple of these up for them next time. Instant downloadable pattern from GeekGirlBookWorm on Etsy.

D20 Dice Glassware

D20 Dice Glassware

Get one for your DM, or a set for the entire table.


So what's your go to gift idea for the table?  Tell me in the comments!


Heads up, there may be some affiliate links in my posts. If you pick something up via my link, I might get some coffee money.  I really love coffee.

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